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Kings River Watershed

Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority

What is the Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority?

  • Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority is
    • A Joint Power Agency formed to assist growers within the Kings River Basin in compliance with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program
    • Comprised of leaders in the local water management arena
    • Conducts current surface water monitoring program
    • Collects State Water Resources Control Board acreage assessments for support of the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program


What is the General Order of Waste Discharge for the Tulare Lake Basin?

  • General Order of Waste Discharge replaces current Agricultural Discharge Waiver Requirements
  • Determination that runoff from irrigated lands (irrigation water or storm water) are threats to waters of the State
  • Regulation is required under the California Water Code (Porter-Cologne)
  • Applies to lands irrigated to produce crops for commercial purposes
  • Requires grower participation either as Coalition member or under Individual Order requirements
  • Incorporates groundwater monitoring
  • Increases grower responsibilities for compliance
  • Continues surface water monitoring
  • Does not apply to lands covered under other Orders (such as the Dairy Order)
  • Does not apply to range land or non-irrigated lands
  • Requires development and implementation of
    • Nutrient Management Plans
    • Sediment Control Plans
    • Completion of Farm Evaluation Reports

Approximate Timeline for Coalition General Order Implementation



  • February – Release of Tentative Draft General Order by Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board)
  • April 25 – Public meeting held by Regional Board in Fresno
  • June – Adoption of General Order by Regional Board
  • November thru February 2014 – Coalition Open Enrollment for landowners/irrigators



  • March – Coalition submits membership list to Regional Board
  • October  - Coalition submits Groundwater Assessment Report to Regional Board



  • March – Deadline for irrigator completion of Farm Evaluation, Nutrient Management Plan, and if necessary Sediment/Erosion Control Plan


 Grower Responsibilities

  • Compliance with Order either as a Coalition Member or under the Individual Order
  • Maintain a copy of the General Order (available at www.waterboards.ca.gov/centralvalley) at place of business
  • Prepare Farm Evaluation Report on Approved Template
  • Prepare Nutrient Management Plan and Nutrient Management Plan Summary on approved templates
  • Implement Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (if necessary)
  • Submit requested data from Farm Evaluation and Nutrient Management Summary  to Coalition for summary reporting to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board)
  • Maintain Farm Evaluation and Nutrient Management Plans on site and available for Regional Board inspection
  • Participate in grower outreach events
  • Assist in the development of management plans for pesticide exceedances
  • Cooperate in requested assistance for groundwater quality monitoring
  • Implement management practices deemed to be protective of surface or groundwater
  • Maintain annual membership within a Coalition through the payment of State Board and Coalition cost share fees


Coalition Responsibilities

  • Prepare Surface Water Assessment Report
  • Prepare Groundwater Assessment Report
  • Prepare work plans for implementation of surface and groundwater monitoring programs
  • Conduct monitoring
    • Monthly at surface water sites
      • Includes general chemistry, nutrients,  pesticides, water column toxicity and sediment testing (twice yearly)
      • Yearly at trend groundwater monitoring sites
      • Quarterly at groundwater sites within high vulnerability areas
  •  Prepare grower templates
    • Farm evaluation
    • Nutrient Management Plan
    • Sediment and Erosion Control Plan
  •  Conduct necessary membership activities
    • Enrollment
    • Fee collection
      • State Board fee
      • Coalition cost recovery
  • Prepare management plans for exceedances of basin plan objectives (Tulare Lake Basin)
  • Conduct management practices evaluation report studies
  • Conduct outreach to growers
    • Current conditions
    • Management practices

Prepare quarterly and annual reports to the Regional Board

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