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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay an assessment when I don’t use the water provided by the District?

Assessments pay for the maintenance of canals and structures, delivery of surface water as well as recharging the groundwater that is used each year.

Can I receive a refund for assessments I have paid when I didn’t use the water?

Assessments can only be refunded if they were billed in error.

Is my property within the District?

You may check online at https://www.fresnoirrigation.com/index.php?dl=867 or you may call the Assessor at (559) 233-7161 and the Assessor can give you this information.

I’m in the district and do not see an assessment on my tax bill, why?

Parcels within the city are under contract with the city so you will not see a charge from the District.

Why am I charged an assessment if my property is within the city boundaries?

If your property is within the city boundaries and is being charged an assessment, your property may be on District water service.  You may request to change your current rate from water service and have the assessment removed by contacting the Assessor at (559) 233-7161.  You must be in the city to have the assessment removed.

Can I change the rate my property is currently on?

Yes.  In order to change the rate you will need to fill out a “Change in Relative Value” form.  This form and further explanation can be obtained by calling the Assessor at (559) 233-7161.

How long does it take for my rate to be changed?

Rates are only changed once a year during “Board of Equalization”, in June, and are changed for the following tax year.  The change must meet certain criteria and are subject to approval.

Do I have any outstanding amounts due to the District?

This information can be obtained by calling the Assessor at (559) 233-7161.

There is a lien on my property, how can it be removed?

In order to remove a lien, payment must be received, in full, for the past due assessment as well as all other charges associated with the delinquency.  To obtain the correct amount to pay, please call the Assessor at (559) 233-7161.

I can’t afford the amount past due, can I make a partial payment?

No, the district does not accept partial payments.  Payment must be the full and correct amount of the individual tax year in order to be processed.  If multiple tax years are past due, individual years may be paid without paying all years, but each year must receive full payment at the time of payment.

 When does water season start?

The start of water season (when the District begins to provide irrigation to farmers located within the District’s boundary) is dependent on the hydrological conditions of the watershed of the Kings River.  During normal and wet years, deliveries may start as soon as March 1.  However, during dry years, water may start as late as June 1.

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