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Frequently Asked Questions

•    If I don’t receive an assessment bill from the District, do I still have to pay?

o    Yes, the landowner is responsible for the assessment even if they do not receive a bill.  A duplicate bill will be provided upon request.

•    Where are my assessment charges located?

o    You can find your charges listed on your property tax bill that you receive from Fresno County.

•    When are assessments due?

o    First installment will become delinquent at 5:00 pm, December 20, − at that time a 10% penalty will be added to the amount due.

o    Second installment will become delinquent at 5:00 pm, June 20, − at that time a 5% penalty and $10.00 fee will be added to the amount due.

o    Any assessment still unpaid on August 25, will have a lien placed on the property for the past due amount and interest will begin to accrue.

•    Can I receive a bill directly from the District?

o    Most properties, outside the city limits of Fresno and Clovis will have a line item on their County of Fresno property tax statement for the District’s assessment and will not receive a bill directly from the District.

•    If I live in the City of Fresno or Clovis do I pay FID assessments?

o    No, if you are on city water you are not assessed a fee.

•    Can my assessment rate ever be changed?

o    Yes, contact the District for information on rate changes.

•    Why do I have to pay an assessment when I don’t use the water?

o    FID provides a special benefit to the parcels within the District by delivering surface water supplies and recharging the groundwater supplies to those lands in the District.  The rate structure sought by the Board of Directors is designed o achieve and maintain equity between landowners who rely on District surface water deliveries and those who enjoy, in whole or in part, the benefits and availability of groundwater made possible by District surface water service to other growers.

•    When does water season start?

o    The start of water season (where the District provides irrigation water to farmers located within the District’s boundaries) is dependent on the hydrological conditions in the watershed of the Kings River.  During normal and wet years, deliveries may start as soon as March 1.  However, during dry years, water may start as late as May 1.  The District targets water deliveries for the months of May, June, and July of each year.

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