2907 South Maple Avenue

Fresno, CA 93725-2218

Fresno IrrigationPh. 559.233.7161

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WATER – Is headed by the District’s Watermaster who is in charge of twenty Water Systems Operators who are responsible for the delivery and maintaining of the waterways during water season.  The District has 800 miles of canals spread over 245,000 acres of land within Fresno County.

ENGINEERING – Is overseen by the chief engineer with the District employing two engineers, three engineering technicians, one drafting technicians, one intern, and one administrative assistant.  Permits, plans, and maps are handled by the capable engineering staff.

MAINTENANCE/CONSTRUCTION – Services the canal banks, road easements, weirs, basins, gates, pipeline, trash removal, and rodent barriers.  Crews keep the canals in excellent shape to allow uninterrupted water flows during irrigation season.

ACCOUNTING – Is responsible for the financial stability of the District under the supervision of its Controller.  The accounting department handles the day-to-day financial operations, assessment questions, water delivery rights, investments, as well as ensuring funds for bonds.

ADMINISTRATIVE – Includes the Human Resources, Risk Management, Safety and Administrative Departments.  Serving at the helm is the General Manager with the support of the Assistant General Manager.

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